The Temple Revealed in Creation
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The Bible is filled with temple imagery and symbols that were likely understood by first century Christians. In this groundbreaking work, Dinah Dye explores the ancient understanding of the Temple from the birth of time. The Temple Revealed in Creation: A Portrait of the Family takes the reader back to the beginning in search of the true meaning of the Temple and its enduring relevance for today's family. 

"Someone once said, 'Everything means something!' That is certainly true with every detail of the Temple in Jerusalem! Dinah Dye's incredible study of the Temple and its eternal significance is a must read! I highly recommend it! Like no book ever, this fabulous work brings together all the deep meanings of the Temple as the one place on earth which truly reflects heaven! Buy it! Read it! Keep it close at your right hand for reference! This book will change your life!" ~ Bodie Thoene - Author, Screenwriter, winner of 8 Gold Medallions, with over 35 million books sold. 

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The Temple Revealed in Creation

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