The Hebrew Alphabet Poster Series - Kaf
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The Hebrew Alphabet

The size of each of the 3 Posters in the series is 13 X 19

Scripture tells us that G-d spoke creation into existence. Scholars and tradition tell us that Hebrew was that spoken language, and that the Torah is the textually manifested light of that creation, structured in its entirety from the Hebrew alphabet. The Hebrew alphabet is the medium by which that light of the Creator is communicated to  mankind through the Torah.

This three-part series piece explores Aleph, Kaf, and Tav; the first, 11th, and the  last letters of the Hebrew alphabet, to demonstrate relationships to natural laws, and patterns of  shape, proportion, and dimension that are structural factors in our physical universe.

Four examples of things to discover and share in this series piece:

1st)  The Hebrew alphabet’s relation to the Fibonacci sequence

2nd)  The Hebrew alphabet’s relation to the phi ratio (1.618 / .618)

3rd)  How Pi, 3.14 relates to the Hebrew alphabet

4th) How Pascal’s Triangle, relating to fractal mathematics, can be calculated using the Torah and the Hebrew alphabet

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The Hebrew Alphabet Poster Series - Kaf

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