Studies in Our Hebrew Roots-Volume 2
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By Pastor Mark Biltz

Set contains 4 DVDs containing 5 Sessions 

Volume 2 features 4 topics:  The Armor of God, Bees and the Coming "Word" Famine, Hebrew Word Pictures, Jots & Tittles, and Spots, Wrinkles & Blemishes+ FREE Passover 2009.  Pastor Mark has been interviewed by FOX television, has appeared on the broadcast and the cover of Prophecy in the News magazine and has been interviewed by several radio stations across the United States and Canada.  
He is a well-known and popular commentator on the Feasts of the LORD and has produced a series of DVD’s on the Feasts that have gone around the world.  He’s spoken at congregations & meetings around the US and is a frequent visitor to Israel.  

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  • Item #: Studies Our Hebrew Roots- Vol 2

Studies in Our Hebrew Roots-Volume 2

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