Studies in Our Hebrew Roots- Volume 1
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By Pastor Mark Biltz

Set contains 4 DVDs containing 4 Sessions´╗┐´╗┐

Volume 1 contains: How Great is Our God, Replacement Theology(Ref. Only:  Jewish Holy Day, the Making of a Baby), Signs in the Heavens, King Solomon - A Type of Anti-Christ??  In answer to a cry for enlightened understanding of our connection to our Hebrew Roots, Pastor Mark Biltz has provided clear teaching.  Fueled now by his passion for studies of literature written from a Jewish mindset he was humbled by the grace, wisdom and insight that poured forth.  Studying our Hebrew heritage
for over 25 years and realizing the Jews loved the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob he saw that they had been studying and mining the Tanakh for millennia looking for nuggets.  

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  • Item #: Studies Our Hebrew Roots- Vol 1

Studies in Our Hebrew Roots- Volume 1

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