Song of Solomon Audio CD Series
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By Mark Biltz

Set contains 4 Audio CDs containing 8 Sessions and Study Guide


The Song of Solomon is a prophetic record of God’s drawing His bride, His rejection and heartbreak, His tireless work, wooing, more heartbreak, and final victory in drawing a people unto himself in righteousness.

This describes people whose primary concern is to enjoy life and the blessings God pours out, without an appreciation for or even an acknowledgment of Him; an adulterant people who would rather eat,
drink and be merry, AND then sleep the night away. This is a people who acknowledge Gods’ existence, but want Him do His thing and they’ll do theirs.  The Song of Solomon parallels the book of Hosea consistently in the most amazing ways.

*This is NOT the same teaching found in our "Studies in Our Hebrew Roots" sets.

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Song of Solomon Audio CD Series

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