Shadows of the Messiah in the Torah-Volume 2
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By Moed Ministries

Book comes with 1 disk containg PDF versions of Student Notes and Handouts

Developed by Dan and Brenda Cathcart of El Shaddai Ministries. This Home Bible Study
series has been developed from teachings at El Shaddai Ministries and other
sources.  It is designed so that you can lead your own home-based or small group Hebrew Roots Bible study for your friends and family.

Each lesson contains two parts. The first part is a detailed guide for the use of
the group leader.  In this part, the leader will find a comprehensive narrative outline and all the referenced scriptures printed out for easy reading. 
The second part of each lesson is the Student Notes section, designed for the leader to make copies for each study participant.  There are general handouts in each volume that cover common topics, themes and reference materials common to many of the lessons. The lessons are independent and non-sequential and can be presented in any order.

This volume digs a little deeper and focuses on personalities in the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) and how they foreshadow the future Messiah in His first coming and His millennial reign at the end of the
age.  This volume contains a lesson on the festival of Purim (The Queen who Saved Her People)  

The 12 lessons in this volume:

The Sabbath
The Tabernacle and Creation                                                                                                 Eternity:In Heaven or on Earth                                                                                                 David's Early Life and Yeshua's 1st Coming                                                                                 David's Reign and Yeshua's 2nd Coming
Sealed For the Day of Redemption                                                                                               The Commandment to Read the Torah Before the Assembly                                                            The Queen Who Saved Her People                                                                                               The Promise: Melchizedek Meets Abram                                                                                      I am the LORD WHo Brought You Out                                                                                       Cycles of Prophetic Fulfillment                                                                                                     The End is Declared From the Beginning

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Shadows of the Messiah in the Torah-Volume 2

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