Reasons for Christians to Celebrate the Biblical Feasts
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By Brenda & Dan Cathcart

What are these strange holidays that the Jewish people celebrate? Did you know that God instituted them? We read in the Gospels that Jesus was crucified on the Passover, But what is the Passover? Is there any significance to the fact that Jesus died on Passover? What about the other Jewish Feasts? These feasts are Unleavened Bread, First Fruits and Pentecost in the spring, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles in the fall. What are these all about? Do they hold any significance in the life of Jesus and the lives of His
Christian followers? In these essays, you will find a brief overview of the Biblical Feasts and discover why they are significant to you as a Christian believer. They will give you reasons to incorporate them into your life and enrich your understanding and relationship to God the Father, who gave us the feasts and to
His son Jesus who is the embodiment of the word of God. We have included reasons to celebrate the feasts of Purim and Hanukkah as well. The book of Esther establishes the celebration of Purim and the gospel of John tells us that Jesus celebrated Hanukkah. Like the other feasts, Purim and Hanukkah also
have historical, spiritual and prophetic significance.

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Reasons for Christians to Celebrate the Biblical Feasts

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