Mighty Warrior
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By Dr. Frank Seekins

Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.

What is a virtuous woman? It might surprise you…

A Virtuous Woman…

Is not necessarily a meek, retiring or even tender hearted woman…

The original Hebrew and numerous translations for thousands of years make it quite

She is a warrior: powerful, mighty and conquering.

It was not the translation that was wrong! Virtuous was the best word they could
have chosen for this kind of woman.

What happened? English changed! Virtuous used to be the word for powerful and
mighty. This is why when a woman touched the edge of Jesus’ garment, Jesus
felt, as the King James versions puts it, “virtue” leave him!

Here is the lost history of how God designed “women of power” to work with men and
conquer life together.

A woman’s power is her greatest gift to a man. This is the secret women, men, the
church and our culture have been missing. God’s view and call for Women!

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Mighty Warrior

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