Hebrew Cypher Art Bookmark Ancient Light
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Ancient Light Bookmark 

At the top of this bookmark you’ll see the Hebrew word “owr” which means light. At the bottom you will see the word kadam, which means east not standing from this planet, but cosmic east, or ancient of days the original point of origin.  The two words together, top and bottom, means light from the east or the primordial light at the dawn of creation. The word in the middle “neer” means lamp or lantern, having a numerical value of 260 + light having a numerical value of 207 and kadam which is 12 squared at 144. The word phrase primordial light has a total value of 351 (the triangle of the only number to fit between a square and a cube 26)  plus the the word for lamp or lantern which is 260 (which is 26 x 10) for a total of 611!!! The same numerical value of the word Torah! With this book mark you can see that the Torah is the lantern that carries the primordial light of the dawn of creation!!!

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Hebrew Cypher Art Bookmark Ancient Light

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