Hands Off! This May Be Love
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In this frank and eye-opening book, Gila Manolson, Jerusalem-based author and international speaker on relationships, offers a thought-provoking perspective on getting physical. Funny and serious, entertaining and enlightening, Hands Off! This May Be Love shows how a radical old-new idea can help you get the most out of a relationship. 



“Gila Manolson’s book, Hands Off! This May Be Love, is one of the best and most needed books we’ve read in a long time. It should be required reading in high schools! She eloquently describes the importance of not only honoring and respecting the opposite sex but also honoring and respecting yourself enough to wait before you build those powerful connections brought through touch. These truths can be utilized in every relationship including the workplace. We highly recommend this book for youth leaders in churches. Thanks for a marvelous read!” Pastors Mark and Vicki Biltz


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Hands Off! This May Be Love

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