God's Day Timer - Book
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Find the prophetic keys needed to unlock the timing of end-time events as they will occur according to God's timetable. Believers all over the world are now synchronizing their prophetic watches with the Creator of the universe's timepiece as the final minutes of the final hour approach. Don't be late for this Divine Invitation! 


"If you ever wanted to know how to practically apply the Feasts of the Lord to your church and family life, in a biblical and Jesus-honoring way, then this is the book for you! Pastor Mark Biltz lays everything out in an easy-to-read and step-by-step fashion giving you the solid, biblically contextual foundation along the way. Be prepared to unearth a treasure trove of biblical knowledge on this incredible journey through God's Day Timer."

- Carl Gallups

Senior pastor, bestselling author, radio talk show host, media pundit www.carlgallups.com


As multitudes of Christians awaken to blessings inherent in observing the biblical holidays or more correctly “the appointed times,” Pastor Mark Biltz has been a leading voice speaking to this often-misunderstood topic. In discussing this thoroughly biblical concept, Mark Biltz truly shines.

- Joel Richardson 

NYT Bestselling author, film-maker, and internationally recognized teacher.

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God's Day Timer - Book

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