Forgotten People
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By Proclaiming Justice to the Nations

In  the 1940s, Christaians were largely silent as 6 million Jews were murdured in the Holocaust. Their silence allowed for ont of the greatest tragedies in human history. We swore that we would learn from their mistakes and that "never again" would we allow such hatred to flourish.

Today, around the worlds, anti-Semitism is reaching levels not seen since the rise of Nazi Germany. Fueled by unchecked religious fanaticism, political strife, and centuries of cukltural conflict, racist ideologies now threaten security of Jews worldwide. Through all of this, the Church remains silent. Those lost in Hitler's ovens have truly become "the forgotten people."

This powerful film documents the parallels between Nazism and radical Islam. From the hills of the West Bank to the streets of America, you will see how anti-Semitism has infected modern society. As a call to action, this moving masterpiece will change your life and inspire you to take a stand for justice and defend the people and nation of Israel.

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Forgotten People

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