Exodus II - Let My People Go!
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By Steve Lightle with Edberhard Muhlan and Katie Fortune 

Today, “in the latter day”’ God has restored Israel as a nation (1948) just as He said He would, and a Russian Pharaoh of the north is increasing the persecution of God’s special people.

God is preparing the hearts of multitudes along the exodus route through Finland, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands and Germany, causing them to make arrangements now for the mass movement of the Jews from Russia.

Just a few such arrangements are: purchasing farms, large homes, warehouses, medical facilities and buses; storing grain, preserving beef on the hoof; learning the Russian language; one has 10,000 Russian Bibles in storage, and seemingly great hosts are excited about being able to be used of God in the wa He has already spoken to them.

You will be astonished and amazed at this new thing God is doing right before our twentieth century eyes as you read this true account of God’s preparation materializing among friends of His Jewish people for EXODUS II.

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Exodus II - Let My People Go!

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