Erev Shabbat - Spanish Digital Download
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This book is in a digital download format.

Once you download this book, you can then print it or read it on your digital devices.

You will need a version of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to access this book.

To print correctly you will need to print with these settings:

-Orientation: Horizontal

-Double Sided

-Flip on short edge

The paper should be standard size (8.5”x11”).

Please note that the book opens from Right to Left.

“We ask that you understand our heart and that it is our desire to bless you, but we ask that you, please do not sell these books or use them to make a profit. Please make only one copy per download. Due to copyright laws, please treat this digital download as you would a book. However, you may give copies to the poor or widowed. Proceeds from this book go to charity. Thank you and May the Lord bless you.”

Thank you and Shalom,

Tony & Susie McElroy

Sabbath Celebrations

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Erev Shabbat - Spanish Digital Download

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