Divine Appointments - Student Workbook
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God wants His people to meet with Him every day, but in addition to our daily time with Him, God has set up specific days on which He will meet His people. God calls these days His appointed times. In the English translations of our Bibles, these days are called the Feasts of the LORD. On these God ordained days, God wants us to witness the accomplishment of His redemption plan. Every major event of God's redemption plan occurs on one of these divinely appointed times, His feast days. Yeshua's (Jesus') death, burial, and resurrection each happened on one of the LORD's appointed days. The coming of the Holy Spirit on the disciples happened on one of these divinely appointed times. Following this pattern, Yeshua's return, execution of judgment and establishment of His kingdom will each happen on one of the Feasts of the LORD. Learn about these Divine Appointments with God! 


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Divine Appointments - Student Workbook

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