Ancient Tav
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By Dr Frank Seekins

Long before it was a Christian symbol, it was Jewish!

Tav in Hebrew means “a sign.” It is the name of the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet– the letter of completion and fulfillment. It was written in the form of a cross!

In Hebrew God marks His people with a Tav. Ancient Jewish coins used the cross as the shape for the Tav. Jewish, Christian and secular experts all tell us that the ancient Hebrew letter Tav was in the form of the cross!

The early church fathers taught that the sign of God even before the time of Jesus, was the Hebrew Tav, in the form of a cross.

Archeology shows us the cross was the shape of the Tav!

Discover how this teaching changed St. Francis and impacted scholars through the centuries.

Why was the Tav, in the form of a cross, found on both Jewish coins and graves before and after the time of?


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Ancient Tav

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