You Are Holy - Joshua Aaron CD
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This 2012 album from Joshua Aaron includes the following songs: 

1: Shema (Feat. Don Heist) 

2: Gadol Elohai / How Great is Our God 

3: You Are Holy 

4: Kadosh Ata 

5: Hoshiana (Save Please) 

6:New Covenant 

7: Salvation is Your Name 

8: Salvation is Your Name (Reprise) 

9: Oh, The Blood / Ho Damo

10: At the Altar 

11: There is No One Else Like You 

12: Aaronic Benediction (Feat. Misha Goetz) 


"A powerful proclamation!"

Patti Ridings

Director of Music

Succat Hallel, Jerusalem 


"Anointed songs...again, Joshua connects people to the heart of Messiah!" 

Rev. Matthew Moore 

Lithia, FL 

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You Are Holy - Joshua Aaron CD

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