Women's Wisdom-The Garden of Peace for Women
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By Rabbi Shalom Arush

Women's Wisdom is the English language version of CHomet Nashim, a book that has become an overnight best-seller in Israel. This is an amazingly enjoyable and informative guidebook for women who want to be all they-successful and fulfilled women, wives, and mothers.

Rabbi SHalom Arush's track record as a marital coach and spiritualguide is phenomenal. In Israel he has virtually punctured ballooning divorse statistics, having saved thousands of marriages by way of his bestselling marital guide for men, The Garden of Peace, and his popular CD lessens.

This book will undoubtably improve your marriage too. Whether you've already celebrated your Golden Anniversary or have just started to contemplate marriage, Women's Wisdom: The Garden of Peace for Women will quickly become you trusty companion and guide.


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Women's Wisdom-The Garden of Peace for Women

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