Messianic Daily Devotional
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What does it mean to be devoted to Messiah? Would our lives be any different if we spent each day walking in complete devotion to Him? 

In this busy, frantic and chaotic world, every follower of Yeshua faces a daily challenge to create and protect time alone with the Master. Though we may regularly try to get close to Him in other ways, our efforts seem to fall short. Why? Because in order to combat the daily distractions of life, we nee to develop a daily discipline of devotion. As we begin to give ADONAI the opportunity and permission to impart Himself to us, we will be transformed into effective disciples who "in, and move, and be..." 

Presented from a distinctly Messianic Jewish perspective, the Messianic Daily Devotional is a collection of devotional writings unlike any you have every read before. Join Messianic Jewish teacher and author Kevin Geoffrey as he encourages believers in Yeshua to develop the life-transforming, daily discipline of devotion. 


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Messianic Daily Devotional

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