Hebrew Talk-101 Hebrew Roots and the Story they Tell
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By Joseph Lowin

Hebrew shares with Arabic a logical organization around three-letter roots. Languages like English have a little bit of this: it's easy to see both a letter-relationship and a meaning-relationship between, say, the two words "lunar" and "lunatic." But in Hebrew, the *whole language* is built around these relationships: they're not just incidental they way they are in English.

This makes Hebrew vocabulary easy to learn and remember, because lots of words flow from each root, following more-or-less uniform patterns. The logic of it, once you "get it," makes it easier to learn. It's as though all the words are connected in intricate vines.

But it's also fun, because there is plenty of cleverness, wit, and cultural flavor to the twists and turns of meanings flowing through the connections. And this book is about the fun, funny, sarcastic, and joyful bits of the language. Far from being a dry, analytical work, it's full of stories, quips, jokes, and overall love and reverence for Hebrew.

It's also very easy to read and to come back to. Each root is covered in a page or two, with half a dozen or so words colorfully presented. Pick it up when you have a few minutes to spare, open to a random page, read a bit and chuckle, put it down and come back later again. If you happen to revisit a root you've seen before, well you'll just enjoy it again.

Includes both transliterations and vowelized Hebrew letters.

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Hebrew Talk-101 Hebrew Roots and the Story they Tell

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