Chofetz Chaim A Daily Companion
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He is as alive today as he was when his masterpiece on
the laws of speech first appeared. The Chofetz Chaim’s influence continues to
grow, as thousands upon thousands adopt his message that the tongue can be a
priceless tool or a lethal weapon.

This new book is a vital gift for those who “wish to live” and “guard
their tongues,” and long to learn how.

Rabbi Yehudah Zev Segal, the revered Manchester Rosh
Yeshivah and perhaps the last great disciple of the Chofetz Chaim, prepared a
schedule of study that would guide the reader through the master’s classic code
of proper speech. With this schedule, the reader reviews these vital laws three
times a year.

What may one say? What must one say? How should it be
phrased? What is forbidden? How can one be in violation without saying
anything? The questions are many. The answers are vital and they are here.

Special section on Shidduchim: One of the most
perplexing and important dilemmas is how to respond to questions about
shidduchim. The futures of families are involved. Feelings. Sensitivity. The
opportunity to shape lives for good or ill. One wants to say the right thing –
but what is it? What information must be disclosed and what must remain
confidential? In this section, which appears nowhere else, these questions are

Whether as a study guide or standing on its own, this
work is a superbly wrought guide of the laws of proper speech, as the Chofetz
Chaim himself set them down.

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Chofetz Chaim A Daily Companion

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